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    About Family Storyteller

    About Family StoryTeller

    Kimberly Houk was inspired to start this company after realizing a close friend was walking around with his deceased father’s old flip-style cell phone, because he could open it and hold it to his ear to listen to his father’s voice, when he played his voicemail greeting. Knowing this was what he was treasuring, Houk knew with her skills, she could have created something way more valuable and comforting for him to view when he wanted to feel closer to his beloved father.

    After hearing his father had been awake and lucid for a full week sitting on his hospital bed before his passing, Houk knew with that kind of time, she could have gone in with a video camera and asked the questions prompting him to tell his life story. She would have interviewed his family members asking them to share their favorite stories about him, collected his old photographs and videos, wrote his life story and narrated it, creating a documentary (computer file) about his life that would be passed down through the generations. His family members who never knew him in this life could hear about his life, from him.

    Houk has had the privilege to preserve the life stories of family members in their own words, then watched how families continue to cherish the stories. It’s a heartwarming endeavor that lights her up every time someone shares how her interviewing of their parent led to the revelation of many stories they had never heard. Houk is a passionate storyteller who thrives on creating these priceless keepsakes for families.

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